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Griffin Armament

If you are looking to buy a silencer in Missouri, you have come to the right place. Gateway Tactical is a Type07/Class 02 Federal Firearms Dealer in the St. Louis metro area. We have access to the biggest names in silencers and stock many of them for faster delivery to you. Most manufacturers make a full line of products ranging from rim-fire to large bore rifles. They also make most popular pistol caliber suppressors as well. If you do not see what you are looking for as we get the content prepared for this page, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

All NFA laws apply to the purchase of any item[s] on this page.

Griffin Armament is currently in the process of launching new AR and large bore rifle suppressors. At this time, the rim-fire lines are the most readily available. The M4-SD II and RSTA lines will re-launch soon with all of the latest enhancements.

Checkmate QD Rim-Fire

The Checkmate QD is the only Quick-Disconnect option in a small, elite class of the highest performance production .22lr silencers in the world. The Checkmate II QD offers industry leading 41DB short barrel sound reduction, coupled with .22WMR/.17HMR/.17M2 compatibility on barrels 18″ and longer.

Hard-coat anodized, Laser engraved, and user serviceable- these are built to last. The simple spacer/baffle system does not require complicated reassembly orientation. The Checkmate II features an age hardened, A286 Iron Base Super Alloy baffle system, forgiving .270″ bore, and 7mm hex EDM cut front cap for ease of dis-assembly. The rear cap is removed with the three lug spanner built into the handy, included multi-tool. Three lug quick mounting allows our flagship .22lr silencer to be mounted and dismounted in seconds to numerous firearms, using economical 3-lug adapters, available separately.

Diameter: 1’’
Overall Length: 6’’
Weight: 4.85 ounces (including the mount)
Materials: 316L SS, Age Hardened A286 Iron Base Super Alloy, and type 3 hardcoat anodized, 7075-T6 & 6061-T6 Aluminum.
Attachment: .5×28 TPI threaded Stainless
three lug coupler [included].

Griffin Armament // Checkmate QD // Missouri


***Currently in stock with extra Quick Disconnect adapters. ***


The M4SD-II sound suppressor is the result of a ten year study of sound suppressor design and rigorous seven year R&D program pulling from lessons learned in environments from computer design, field testing, to actual combat operations in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. The M4SD II was designed to provide the optimal combination of lightweight, peak performance, and durability. Our suppressors are computer designed, critically accessed in FEA, tested, and optimized. The M4SD II is CNC machined, and fully TIG fusion welded for maximum thermal transfer and unparalleled strength and durability. Every component in the M4SD II is manufactured from 316L stainless steel, with heat treated 718 inconel baffles throughout. The suppressor bores are wire EDM cut for maximum accuracy and fully blueprinted tolerances. The mounting system and mounts of the M4SD II sound suppressor are precision ground to ten thousandths of an inch for minimal, repeatable and utterly dependable point of impact shift. Built on a mountain of development, the M4SD-II is the pinnacle of performance- the equal of the best competing products available anywhere in the world. 

The M4SD-II is a 5.56/.223 silencer that attaches to any standard A2 flash hider platform. While standard mil-spec will work, it is suggested that you mount these on a Griffin Armament muzzle brake or flash hider for a precision fit. Suppressor mounts sold separately.

Griffin Armament M4SDII

Reg. $949.00
$799.00 - Limited Time! Black Only.


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