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  • SUPPRESSORS. Legal. Quiet. Fun.

    There are still many misconceptions regarding NFA ownership. Many stem from Hollywood, liberal media, and misguided Internet travelers. We are here to help put those misconceptions to rest with facts.

  • MODIFICATIONS. Make It Yours.

    Cerakote, Threaded Barrels, Triggers, Night Sights, and More.

  • CUSTOM BUILDS. For Any Use.

    Law Enforcement, Hunting, Recreation, and More.

Welcome to Gateway Tactical

Gateway Tactical is a St. Louis Missouri based Type07/Class02 weapons dealer and manufacturer that is licensed to sell suppressors, full-auto rifles, and short barreled rifles and shotguns. We can source standard modern firearms, custom build AR rifles, and can be your eastern Missouri FFL for the transfer of not only standard weapons, but NFA items as well.

We currently have silencers coming into stock almost daily. We are a stocking dealer for Bowers Group, Liberty Suppressors, SilencerCo, Thunder Beast Arms Corp., Dakota Silencers, Yankee Hill Machine, and Huntertown Arms.

Our custom build shop is now fully operational and turning out special build AR platforms for customers based specifically on their tastes and requirements. We build them to customer spec down to the slightest detail in order to deliver the weapon exactly the way that they envisioned it. Our No Compromise™ philosophy allows you to design and receive the weapon that fits your needs, not what a larger shop was able to put together based on a large buy of a certain component that every weapon in stock will have. Want an FDE Magpul stock, chrome lined barrel, chrome bolt carrier assembly, and black magazines and rails? No problem. We are building your rifle. It will come as you ordered it. This will not be the next assembly line example to be completed in the next few days. It is yours and you will realize it the next time you are at the range or out shooting with others. Yours will stand out not only to you, but to everyone else that sees it.

GWT SITREP: 41F is here. NFA filing paperwork has changed. It has changed, but is still perfectly legal town suppressors and short barrelled rifles.